​​Dear Diary: What My Doctor Never Told Me About Dieting

           Published:   March 29, 2011
          Format:        Kindle, Paperback
          Pages:           100

​Cusp of DIABETES! That's all I heard from my doctor.  He kept talking but I was no longer listening.  I knew I had to do something - NOW!

This is my personal memoir of my journey to lose weight and the struggles I endured along the way to a healthier body.  Like everyone else, I was on the yo-yo trail to unhealthiness. I would play at losing 10 pounds and then gain 15 back, complaining all the way as my body weight continued to climb over the 200 pound mark.  But I tried to get healthier.

I’d walk for three days and then would give up because on day four it rained.  I’d purchased a stationary bike and a stepper, and then use them as clothes racks.  I even went so far as to drive to the high school track and snack on junk food, hiding in the car while I watched other people run, wishing I didn't feel so big and unattractive in my sweat pants and XXXL T-shirt.  

But my doctor's warning was a real wake up call.  I was in trouble.  I was on the cusp of developing diabetes. That scared me so much that I finally made the conscious decision to get healthy.

It took 13 long months, but I LOST 50 POUNDS!!

My journey is not over.  I have to be diligent every day.  It doesn't mean I'm dieting daily.  It means I'm going to do healthy things.

Join me!

My Way To Love
            Published:     August 3, 2017
           Format:         Kindle, Paperback
           Pages:             141

​These are poems about love, from my time as a geeky teenager to a 20-something, single parent.  I went from not knowing anything about love, to being in love, losing love, not knowing what love was.

Then I learned about the love of a parent, love of a friend, and then loving me.  I reinventing myself to accept love again.  

All women have gone through their own stages of love, joy and heartbreak and that's why I've dedicated this book to all of us.  Join me in sharing the pain of yesterdays and dreaming of hopes for our tomorrows.  







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Ranger And The Gang Series
The Case Of The Twelve-Hour Deadline

           Published:  August 2, 2017
          Format:       Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback
          Pages:          302

Ranger, Altese, Pug, Tracker and Bernie are ready to start their summer vacation, but a telephone call dramatically changed their plans.  Their mentor and Ranger’s father, Ralph Longbody, was brutally attacked in a telephone booth while checking on final clues. 

The Gang followed clues that led them to a warehouse, jeweler, refinery, wealthy matron, and finally culminating at a museum showing that evening.  Ranger And The Gang only had twelve hours before the showing to rescue Ralph.  Stunned, the Gang delved more into the bizarre circumstances surrounding Ralph's disappearance and uncovered a network of international criminals that expanded the globe. 

Will they find Ralph in time or are his days numbered? 

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Dear Diary: What My Doctor Never 

Told Me About Liposuction
  Published:   June 30, 2003
          Format:        Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback
          Pages:            204


Writing this book has been a very essential part of my recovery.  Putting my own experiences down on paper gave me a chance to not only relive the experience and face the uncertainties, but to understand my motivation for doing it.  Writing this book was an emotional lifeline for me and it’s been a wonderful outlet.

Where else could I have expressed the joy of going from a size 22 to 16 in two months?  Since no one knew I had the surgery, this book was the one place where I could shout it and rejoice.

This book was also written with others in mind.  There may be those who felt as I did.  They’ve secretly dreamed of undergoing the procedure because they were just as unhappy with certain aspects of their bodies as I was.  They’ve squirreled away some money in the hopes that one day they might also take the next step.  There are also those who have already taken that step.  

I hope my words help someone else who’s alone with their thoughts and pain as I’ve been, give them a much needed mental hug, and let them know that someone else had undergone what they are considering or are now enduring.  At those times, when I was most vulnerable, I kept telling myself that there would be people reading my words and saying to themselves, "This is normal. Kathyne went through this too, so I won’t worry."

Am I am glad I did it?  Would I do it again? 

Dear Readers:  

Welcome to K Jackson Books! 

Your one-stop shopping for all books written by K. Jackson.  Single Mom. Writer. Traveler (23 states, 3 countries, and counting). Old-fashioned (love Motown and 70's music, and doors opened for me). 

My goal is to encourage us all to get healthier.  For me the turning point was several years ago, when my doctor told me I was on the cusp of diabetes!  I vowed then that my attitude would be governed by one mantra - Now Healthier!  Not next month.  Not  next week.  Not tomorrow. Not this afternoon.  NOW!  

Now Healthier! With that thought, I LOST 50 POUNDS!  Yeah!

Now it's your turn. 

Now Healthier - Day 1. 

​Who's with me?